"In recent years thefts from travelers happen around the Coca Cola bus station...."

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"A Safe Passage is designed to save tourists the trouble of going to San Jose bus terminals..." 

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Book our airport Pick Up and Delivery, or purchase your Costa Rica bus tickets online through A Safe Passage. If you are traveling on a one-way ticket, you will need proof of onward travel to enter the country. We can purchase, process and e-mail you an onward bus ticket to satisfy this Costa Rica’s entry requirement.

A Safe Passage has been Costa Rica's leading online bus ticket service for domestic and onward bus tickets for over a decade. Recommended by The Lonely Planet, The New Guide to Costa Rica, and Moon Travel Guide, as well as travel sites, on travel blogs and worldwide travelers, here are the services we offer:


  • Pick Up and Delivery: We purchase your bus ticket in advance, pick you up at the airport, and get you on your bus. By using a local bus stop, you will save time and avoid going to the Coca Cola and San Jose’s bus terminals.

  • Ticket Only:  Ask us to purchase your ticket and leave it at “will call” or your Alajuela hotel.

  • Onward Bus Ticket: We purchase and e-mail onward tickets that will allow you to enter Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico on a one-way ticket.

'...it is advisable to purchase your ticket in advance. If you want to avoid the hassle, book your travel through A Safe Passage.

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  • HomeBase: Have us book your lodging for the night you arrive, pick you up and get you on your bus the next day.

  • Private Transfer: We provide eco-friendly transportation from the airport to your destination taking the scenic route whenever possible.

If you are planning a trip to Costa Rica, you can count on us to get you from the airport to where you want to go. We can also provide you with an onward ticket so you can have the documentation you need to enter Costa Rica on a one way ticket.  E-mail us at rchoice@racsa.co.cr for more information or click here to go to our order page.

"Can I enter Costa Rica with a one way ticket?"

"All visitors must have an entry and exit ticket, whether it is by air or by land, as the case may be, as a requirement to entre (sic) the country." ICT (Instituto Costarricense de Turismo)

Travelers flying to Costa Rica on a one-way ticket -- or to any Central American country -- need verifiable proof of an “exit or onward ticket” before being allowed to board their flight and enter the country. By law, without the proper documentation, airlines can’t allow you to board, and Immigration won’t let you into the country. This policy is being strictly enforced.

"thanks for helping us out with buying the (bus) tickets, we were asked several times for tickets out of CR."

Endre Kildal I. May 2012

If you are flying into Costa Rica on a one-way ticket, flying into Costa Rica and flying out of another country, or planning to stay in the country for more than 90 days before renewing your entry stamp -- purchase an onward ticket online from A Safe Passage to satisfy Costa Rica’s entry requirements. 

Thank you for the fast turnaround.... Your company’s service is “the best thing since sliced bread”....! Very convenient & very useful to help travelers get the required ticket documents to enter Costa Rica one-way. Thank you so much & keep up the great service....

Gary & Debra Sept. 2012

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